Friday, October 15, 2010

Have a good weekend!

{fall in Kentucky - mom's driveway}

Have a great weekend, friends. I hope to go flea marketing this weekend, eat at my favorite Cali restaurants and sneak peeks of the pictures I took in KY. I already miss it. 

{great new mural in downtown Frankfort}


  1. so beyond jealous what i wouldn't give for some open seasame and lb flea action. tears

  2. one word, two syllables...

  3. Hi Anna!
    What a sweet blog! Love the squash stuff! Thanks for stopping by the compai blog. I need your email address to invite you to join the Style.Play.Work.Shop or, you can go to this link: and ask to be a member of the group, and I will approve you.
    Thanks! (I just did my shoot today! So excited to see what everyone comes up with.)