Friday, October 15, 2010

fashion/faux pas

{my foot. my dog. not my women-over-40 magazine}

Hi. So, I've been wearing these black Danskos like it's my job/there's no tomorrow lately. I kind of love them, but are they totally hideous? fess up!  {1. pretty sure nothing can stop me from wearing them (I feel like an art teacher!) and 2. the clog trend is in full force! I've seen proof} 


  1. i love my dansko's. they make me feel like an adult in a cool way. bf thinks they are ugly, but i've worn them to germany and back and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes that i own. i wear them nearly every day!

  2. boys don't like, it's true. ahh well. What color do you have?

  3. those actually looks pretty good on you.. very gown-up like;)