Monday, October 11, 2010

pumpkin patch

 {llama love}

{oh, hey! you look mad} 

{wagon full!} 



{pumpkin house hurrah!}

{come baaaack}

To celebrate fall and help a good friend gather autumnal appropriate decorations, we went to Happy Jack's Pumpkin Farm. As you drive in you are greeted by various wildlife, indigenous and not (see above) to the Kentucky area. The llama had a hard time parting ways with us when we left. Tragic, really. We got a wagon full of pumpkins and left happy. A fun jaunt if you are ever in the Frankfort, KY area.


  1. oh my gaweeeedd.... THe little llama chasing you guys are so cute, I wanna take him home ;)

  2. Well the round flat pumpkins but brother informed me they are called fairy tale pumpkins!!! I was very happy to spend such a great day with a great friend!

  3. Tam, I know! He almost did follow us home. :) poor thing needs a friend.

  4. I know all too well the plight of the llama. come back here!

  5. Missing pictures: 1.Goat bridge 2. Little ponies 3. honky tonk piano on wheels!/photo.php?fbid=121267181222083&set=a.121266384555496.21353.121260991222702