Thursday, October 14, 2010

bar situation

although it might not be very lady-like to display all the alcohol one has on hand at any given moment, I am very smitten with the simple bar look. a nice display of libations that say HEY. You. have a cocktail. live your life.

Here's some inspiration:

{the watering can is a little random, but I'll take it} 

{party table}

{such pretty details. those limes barely fit! via}

{fancy cups & croquet}

(water that plant with the can up top! via)

{simple + heavenly light}

{beauty of a cart}

Do you have any favorite bar inspiration to share? I must know!

sorry folks, I have no idea the sources for most of these images. They were collected before I knew the pleasantries of blogging.

1 comment:

  1. i like the last swirly cart, but boy says "it's too gold" as if that's even logical... so i guess we'll take #5, still seems a little metallic to me but that was lost on him and it has a plant so everyone wins! cheers.