Thursday, March 10, 2011

a late valentine

this is a little Kentucky inspired painting I made a while ago. 

on another note, I finally saw Blue Valentine. good, but sad. Has anyone else seen it?


  1. Oh, Anna, I love this so much!! It would look so beautiful hanging on these bare walls of my home. *Wink*Wink*.
    And yes, I saw Blue Valentine. I adore Michelle Williams and you gotta love Ryan Gosling!

  2. yes i saw it on Tuesday and it was soooooo sad. Afterwards my friends and i looked at each other and just said 'Man! Depressing!'

    gorgeous painting btw :)

  3. Tristen, I'll make you one! what's your addy? FB message me.

    SJ, I'm glad I saw it and I will recommend it, but yes. v sad. :(

    have a good weekend you guys!