Friday, March 4, 2011


citron was a really big color last year (or was it the year before?*) and you still see sprinklings of it here and there. This color palate is pretty fun. really don't like the that purple on the walls? looks like the room gets enough natural light for such a dark color. still a moody room.
 coffee table/ottoman is pretty bangin, right? giant pillow.


I guess this post is pretty much rambling nonsense (maybe my whole blog is?). holla! and hap friday!

*major side note. I definitely had a weird moment watching the Oscars with my friend Brooke, and we thought, wait, what about Avatar? and you GUYS, that was so 2009. Sorry Brooke, now the whole world (4 people who read this blog) knows we are officially losing it. xo


  1. I read your blog almost every day! It's one of my favourites (:

  2. This makes me laugh :)