Tuesday, November 9, 2010


bought a sheepskin over the weekend. such fluff! it's from ikea and it's real...which kind of surprises me. there was an entire bin full of them...and yes, I (barely) resisted the urge to jump in. I'm babysitting the cute little chair. let's not tell the owner I'm dressing it up in sheepskin. I don't think he'll approve.

look! it adds a lot of textural interest to a room:

+ {a pair to share}

+ {brazilian blowout fluff}

+ {I count six. overload!}

+ {double up}

+ {sheep on floor, hello gold lamps}


  1. love it! i'll have to be rude and ask how much. boy and i might go on an ikea shopping spree as our christmas presents to each other and the house. this might have to go on the list.

    also 3rd pic down looks like that sheep had some crimping going on.

  2. yes, I'm almost thinking a pair works well. 25 bucks. and they are real..which surprised me.

    that sheep is totally eighties.

  3. i dig them all, but my fave is the 6 overload, hardwood floor room. sooo good.

  4. oh yes. such the room to take a nap in too.. that lighting!

  5. also i like your blue tape and butterflies. can i come over?

  6. why, yes you may dear. only if you bring the white wine and ice cubes.