Wednesday, November 10, 2010

color surprise

I'm forever a fan of built-in bookcases and a little color can go a long way. especially on the back wall of a bookcase. what do you think? fun or too fun?

{nice little pop o' green and nice bookcase styling too}

{faux pinky texture? I can't tell. wish that green velvet chair would turn around}

{a more subdued color} 

What do you think? 

sorry, no sources. if you know, please tell!


  1. i love paint behind a bookcase!

    i actually just painted the back of one of my kitchen cupboard black ... then i display all of my white serving pieces in front. it's beautiful if i have to say so myself!

  2. ooo. I like that. is your kitchen primarily black and white?

  3. i LOVE displaying my books! we have a small bookcase which i call our "study" as it is right next to our writing desk. when we move to a bigger place some day i want a wall of books and a wall for our records too!