Monday, November 15, 2010

Craigslist: Kentucky Couches

{think shapes. ignore the psychedelic fabric. it's a cool chair and a cool sofa, some cool Kentuckian needs to own it. both for $570}

{interesting, tufted, could fit a fairly long person for a proper nap, reupholster it, or if you're into that vintage-y feel, dont. $180 ps: I'm likin' it against that purple wall. call me crazy!}

{hear me out. ditch the pillows, add something more graphic-y, modern-y perhaps. I'm crushin' on velvet right now...and there's piping! pip pip horray. you could have both for $600}

{white leather is totally eighties and not my style, BUT it's a Le Corbusier knockoff (?) for $250}

{a simple, tailored, neutral sofa - $300}

{carved little feet! but what is going on with the seat cushions? Leather? but, wait..that could be fixed! $750. (expensive, I think) kind of a love/hate kinda thing with this one.

{nice shape sofa with never before seen by me detail. I don't hate the color either. some other danish-y, modern-y stuff happening}

why Kentucky craigslist, when I live in California you ask? well, I just have high hopes that my friends back home in need of furniture will add these pieces to their home (and I like to torture myself). 

How was your weekend?


  1. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who checks out Craigslist in cities that are halfway (or all the way) across the country. I've also been known to see what's available in the locations I visit on vacation. Because I'm obviously planning to bring an armoire home with me...

  2. yes! solidarity. we can be crazy together!

  3. tufted couch cover in seafoam green please!!!