Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Southern Wedding with all the fixin's

{the lovely couple}

{LF's beauty bouquets}

{more from the paper garden}

{no peeking! well. ok.}

{living at the sign-in table}

{photo shoot with jewels!}

{all the super beautiful and professional shots by Cara Dee Photography. All you KY folk, I recommend her highly!)

{in the hair! Well aren't you fancy.}

{Movie stars off to Italia}

Helped with the flowers (real & fake) at one of my dearest friend's wedding back in KY.

It was gorgeous and elegant.
It was August and hot.

A good ol' fashioned summer thunderstorm even made an appearance (right after the outside ceremony of course! as the guests were sipping their cocktails...so perfect). A magical evening. Congrats my dearest dears! ✖♥

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