Tuesday, September 21, 2010


What I saw a long the way:

{pretty tin tray: put your liquor on it or your jewels}

{cool old thermos. Cork top!}

{fancy fruit holder I'm guessing}

{I'd reupholster. Kind of shaker-townish simple style. It was very sturdy}

{Luxury. Fun couch}

What I bought:

{girly stool. will reupholster someday. 5 bucks}

{light fixture. I just love these}

{not sure if they work. Still pretty as ever. $6.50!}

{pretty little poppy painting. an original. 1 dollar!}

Sadly, I can't bring the furniture finds back home to California with me. tragic. Who wants to babysit! 

*All these treasures found at KY Goodwills (so cheap compared to Cali)*

1 comment:

  1. love the lines on that stool, so curvy. and that painting is just right. been looking for some originals myself but to no avail. also i'm a great babysitter and real cheap!