Friday, September 24, 2010

garance j'adore

Garance Dore via Refinery29

 love the man shoes via

via Sartorialist (she's wearing his man shorts!) 

hi, i like your ring. via

The Sartorialist Scott Schulman and Garance via
boyfran and girlfran via

This chick. She's amazing and guess what? Another one of my girl crushes. She's usually behind the camera (whilst artfully holding a cigarette) at the gazillion fashion shows each season, but sometimes... just sooooometimes we get to have a little peek at her (especially when her BF The Sartorialist decides to photograph his love). Such a cute little Parisian. You can visit her site here

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  1. how did i not know they were a couple! that's pretty humorous really. i like the last picture where she's holding the umbrella for both of them. funny.