Thursday, February 3, 2011

I heart art: Keltie Ferris

My friend Tristen introduced me to Keltie's work and I instantly loved it. She uses a spray paint technique in most of her paintings, along with oil, acrylic and pastels. Although abstract, there's a lot going on to keep your eyes interested.

Red Yellow and Blueprint

Rain Dogs Unplugged {fav. I think it's the colors)


Spider Silva

Man Whisperer {if I were picking favorites based on titles, this would be the winner}

 If your life depended on it, which one would you buy?


  1. no. 5
    ! soft cool gray, muted neon yellow, white with hints of forest green, various blues, teal, and mild splashes of dusty rose. How could you not fall in love?

  2. that is o cool

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