Monday, January 10, 2011

Before & After: A little project (Part 1)

While I was back in KY last year I worked on a redecorating project for a friend. It was a lot of fun and we did it on a super tight budget (which I'm always a big fan of, always down for a little decorating challenge). peek here. Overall, the cost was approx. $450 to redo 3 rooms (living room, entrance hall, bedroom). not bad, if I do say so myself.

This is the living room before I even set foot in the space:

a little (lot) cluttered, no rhyme or reason. Not particularly a place you'd want to have a dance party (and my friend has lots of dance parties), or even lounge around. I will say that he had a lot of great things in his house, lots of very cool smalls and heirloom type stuff.

we cleared everything out, put things in keep and don't keep piles, swept up and painted anew. A light moss green on 3 walls, and a darker green accent wall. Floor was painted kind of a darker chocolate milk brown and the ceiling and trim was an ecru type of white. 

I loved the idea of storing all the instruments on the wall, as art, instead of using up valuable floor space. Nice simple little bookshelves to house music, books and percussion equipment. Armless chair and stool for easy guitar playing functionality. I'll tell you one thing, I wish I could play the mandolin.

this door leads to an unused room (I know, we're working on that). An old political propaganda banner covers the window pane. Old maps are always fun to decorate with...and you are basically really cool if you have a wooden sledge hammer at the ready. The brass B is easy on the eyes too.

I thrifted this sofa for 45 dollars, the coffee table was a lucky heirloom piece (hairpin legs that people are crazy for...including me), some evergreen vegetation in the window, plenty of art on the walls, I bought that lamp on the left for 20 bucks.

you can tell I did some restyling for the (grainy!) photos. the fireplace cover was handmade from old barn wood by my friend. I like it a lot. and like I said, fresh flowers never did hurt nobody. the rug is pretty great too.

part 2's on its way, still have the hallway and the bedroom to go. 


  1. Nice work, Anna! Maybe you could come help me with mine next time you are in town!

  2. I love what you did to the house. I love the idea of buying used getting a great price, and
    having it work in the decor. I always thought nana wanted to be an interior designer: Keep up the great work!!!!!!

  3. just figure out who's house this is
    Looks like something out of a magazine

  4. love love love! looks awesome Anna!

  5. thanks gals! it's so fun.

    Tristen, ABSOLUTELY.

    Ann, it must run in the Demerson blood. :)