Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've been thinking about this interior for a while now, although darker than my usual taste...Martha Mulholland's living room has lots of animal touches (skeletons, horns, antlers, sheepskins) and just the right amount of color and pattern usage.

neat house tour at Apartment Therapy

{ps: pretty sure this chick is a fellow KY gal. power}

{pps: love her name}

{ppss: girl crush? ...maybe}


  1. AT tries to act like all her dead stuff comes from KY, as if!

    but cute place ,love the layered rugs. and she has some porcelain animals... kindred spirit!

  2. I don't mind that KY has a reputation for animal skeletons etc. It's ALL the rage right now.

    OH! and Mister the porcelain sheepdog is stationed in the kitchen. A guard dog of sorts. can you believe it? THAT made the cut.