Tuesday, August 31, 2010

imogene + willie

{decorate the shop!}

{handsome merch}

{in the olden days, the shop was a service station. Granny White's Service Station}

{Elevate the denim patterns! Quick! Go fan go!}

{Where the in-house denim is made}

{rivets and buttons}

{friendly & sleepy pup. careful not to wake!}

{I still dream about this bag. nightmares, but the really good kind. can a dream be a nightmare?}

{owners's car. notice the KY plates}

When I went to visit Petal + Pine in Nashville this summer, I was excited to go to this little gem of a shop. So down home. My friend Lindsey is actually getting a pair of their raw denim jeans (they tailor them just for you!) and I can't wait to see if she likes them. I bet she will.

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