Wednesday, December 8, 2010


{sold. typical. fun bookshelf. OR if I was such the seamstress I would do like this...}

{and store fabrics}

{nautilus bookends. paint white? these guys were 15 bucks. a bit pricey} 

{original oil. there were about 20+ canvases...I know LF is looking for one. most looked like this...}

{interesting colors. Very Bob Ross' dark alter ego. But this was the crowning moment...}

{hi Mr. you're so cool and relaxed, post workout. nice headband}

{hi! long gold mirror, 80 this...}


find anything cool lately?


  1. the hair and the sweater in that first painting, oh my! so many in one place. where was this?
    i did actually find a good one this weekend not an originally but an older print with good colors. I'll show soon.

  2. let's see it! Salvy's by Brooke's house.